Top 10 Social Media Marketing Websites for Business

Top 10 Social Media Marketing Websites for Business


We are now in the year 2013 and social media marketing has reached great heights and ushered an exciting new way for businesses to reach out to customers who are tech-savvy. The Internet has come a long way since its inception and people across the globe have easy access to the online world, thus growing up in a technology-rich environment. It is this generation that can be targeted with social media marketing, as people spend a majority of their time on social websites. It’s a place where you will surely find your target audience irrespective of your business type – all thanks to the diversity of the Internet, it’s phenomenal reach and the ability to connect with your customers/ clients and encourage two-way communication.

If you plan on reaching out to your customers via social media, some of the more common social media websites are listed below.

1. Facebook – One of the most widely used social networking sites, with an estimated monthly active membership in excess of 800 million. Facebook allows you to create your own business web page for free and facilitates fast and easy communication with the site’s impressive user-base. Thanks to it’s user-friendly interface and a set of options to share links, photos, videos, events and more, it’s no wonder that this has become not only a place to meet friends, but also a place where a business can reach out to customers in a more interesting and personal way – at half the cost of what it would pay for some offline campaign.

2. Twitter – Twitter is micro-blogging at its best. Posts are short and to the point and users can follow each others activities or even a hashtag (#), which then enables them to follow that particular event thread. A great tool to promote your business and get some hype going using a flurry of posts. It’s turned out to be a great way for businesses to keep customers updated on the latest news, deals, events and just about anything.

3. LinkedIn – With over 100 million active users, this social networking site for professionals contains job listings, resume’s, endorsements and groups for businesses. It is used by individuals and companies as a resume booster and a chance to showcase some strengths, but it has evolved into a marketplace where businesses recruit people and partner with new clients.

4. Google Plus – Being tied to the biggest search engine in the world has its perks. With Google Plus, companies may not be able to create a specific URL for their web page, but it is an ever-improving social networking site, thanks to the power of Google. Facebook has the “Like” option and Google Plus has the “Plus One” option – either way, it works in your favor.

5. YouTube – If pictures say a thousand words, videos do even more. YouTube is one of the world’s leading social networking sites, where users can post videos and discuss them. It is an effective marketing tool, as videos can be used to make a product more attractive and engaging.

6. Pinterest – Pinterest uses visually appealing themes to grab a user’s attention. Various pictures, videos and advertising material can be ‘pinned’ on a user’s board, allowing the world to see your product, help spread the word and get you some targeted traffic.

7. Instagram – This is one of the world’s leading photo-sharing sites, which allows companies and people alike to make use of its user-friendly interface and promote their products using some visually appealing pictures. From celebrities to CEOs, Instagram has a charm about it which makes a person curious, curiosity which businesses can use to promote their brand.

8. StumbleUpon – StumbleUpon allows users to share information from the web in terms of news articles, picture, videos and other such media content. This shared content can then be commented upon and it is a great way to promote a business.

9. Digg – Digg is similar to StumbleUpon and deals with news and content information from around the web. Users can vote for content depending on popularity and interest and can be used as an effective business propagator and source of traffic.

10. Myspace – This social networking site was based around the music industry initially, but has now expanded to become a site where people and business’ can establish a presence and get some publicity going for their products. It’s among the oldest social networking sites, but despite the emergence of several new social networks, its still a place where niche businesses can reach out to their target audience.


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